Epic Recs: December

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Epic Recs started out as a feature in which Amber and I force each other to read books. Like an impromptu book club, consisting of just the two of us. Or a game of truth or dare without the truth. It’s awesome. Our friendship depends on these books, so there’s no pressure whatsoever. We both like to force people to read books, so it was an excellent excuse to test our book pushing. Right now, it’s a feature that everyone can join. So do you like book pushing or do you just want a fun book club-ish feature to participate in? Join us!

What are we reading this month? Last month I recommended Eleanor & Park to Amber, which she loved, and Amber recommended To Kill a Mockingbird to me, which I’m still reading because I got caught up in exams and then Hart of Dixie. This month, I am making Amber read More Than This by Patrick Ness, which is just an epic mindfuck and I can’t wait to see what she thinks of it. Amber is making me read Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson, because it ruined her life and she likes to ruin mine as well. This should be fun.

More Than This Tiger Lily

How do YOU join in? Well, the first you need to do is team up: find a friend you want to recommend books to. You can do this in pairs, threesomes, or more, depending on how much you think you can handle! It’s totally up to you. If you would love to participate, but have no idea who to participate with, you can also just sign up. We can then assign a partner to you. It might be more fun this way!

Each month, we will publish a post where participants can link up their Epic Recs posts, declaring what they’re planning on reading for the upcoming month, who Epic Rec’d it, and what they recommended in return. We’re also planning some other fun things and giveaways, though you will have to wait for that a little while longer. For now, we just hope you enjoy the book pushing party.


Judith is a 21 year old book blogger and reviewer, English student, part time magazine editor, compulsive book buyer, aspiring writer, proud book pusher, founder of Paper Riot and co-founder of the Recaptains. She is kind of addicted to Twitter. More?

14 Responses to “Epic Recs: December”

  1. You’re right, I do rather enjoy ruining your life. I should get paid for it.

  2. Sandra says:

    I signed up! I’m excited to see what’s going to happen this month! Lovely idea, ladies :D

  3. Ooh, this sounds like fun!!

    & OMG FINISH TKAM! I’ve read and reread that book a ridiculous amount of times and the movie is just as spectacular! Lol, I love it so much that when I was buying new glasses this year I specifically chose my frames because they’re the feminine version of the ones Gregory Peck wore in the movie. :) GO READ IT.

  4. I must say: I approve of Amber’s choice. I can’t wait for you to read Tiger Lily, because it’s definitely a favorite of mine too! :) And hahaha, will be fun to see what Amber thinks of the strange More than this.

    • Judith says:

      I knoooow you love it! Even more pressure, haha. But I’m really looking forward to it! And right? I need to hear her thoughts on that one. So strange.

  5. I started watching Hart of Dixie too, and I’m kind of obsessed right now. I mean, I know it’s not brilliant, but MY SHIP MUST SAIL. I stayed up too late watching it on Thursday and had to end on the Zoe/George episode when he learns about Lemon and LaVon and just ugh. CHRISTINA IS NOT PLEASED. George needs to go to Mexico with his baby and be done.

    • Judith says:

      Bahahahaha. I would love for him to take his baby and go even further south. I’m also mostly watching this for my ship. Is your ship Zoe and Wade because it has to be. I ship them hardcore.

  6. Oh, dear. I just realized that I mixed up the link-up with sign-ups! How do I remove my link? Since I don’t actually have an Epic Reads post yet…


    yum. <3

  8. Ohhhh, I somehow missed this post =( Will you be doing sign-ups again in the future sometime? Pretty please?

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