Veronica Mars LoVefest

Veronica Mars LoVefest

I think it’s common knowledge that Ellice and I are both huge Veronica Mars fans. I have been raving about that show since I first watched it last year, and I’m pretty sure I picked Ellice to be my coblogger because she talked about it in her sign-up. And hey, it’s no wonder why this particular TTT post is my most popular post of last year. So it’s very last minute but not completely unexpected that I’m sitting here, last Wednesday, plotting all kinds of things for a movie release celebration post, otherwise known as LoVefest. I’m also very excited to have a bunch of bloggers (who responded to my very last minute request on Twitter) over on the blog to talk about the fabulousness that is Veronica Mars, because really, can we ever get enough of it? I think not.

What do you love most about Veronica Mars?

Judith: It is so hard for me to point out what exactly I love most about this show, but it would have to be two things: the mystery that comes with Veronica being a teenage detective (can we talk about how amazing this is?!) and the characters and their relationships. I have so much love, not only for Veronica, although she is one of my favorite characters EVER, but also for Logan, Keith, Wallace, Mac… their stories are dark and they hit very hard, and I love it.

Ellice: OH THIS IS SUCH A LOADED QUESTION. Can I say “everything”? No? Well okay, let’s see if I can put my LoVe into words ;) So, obviously, 1) I LoVe the chemistry between Logan and Veronica. I’m not sure I’ve seen an on-screen couple who seemed as natural as those two. And yeah, Logan was sometimes a total ass, especially in the first season, but 2) Logan’s progression throughout the course of the show makes me so incredibly happy. Finally, 3) I admire the fact that Veronica, the show’s heroine, is such a strong, clever, brave, kick-ass female who never takes “no” for an answer.

Amber (Books of Amber): Many, many things. The number one thing has to be Veronica herself because she has been through so much, and yet she manages to stay strong throughout. I love that her friends and family are important to her, especially her father, who is obviously the most important man in her entire universe. I love how relatable she is, and her sense of humour, and her personality in general. She’s also super smart, and a bit of a Sherlock Holmes. [feel free to cut this bit out, Judith. I ramble.] Other things I love about the show include Rob Thomas’ writing, the sarcasm, the darker side of the characters and their town, Logan Echolls (who is at the second on my favourite male characters of all time list), the secondary characters who all get their own storylines, the mysteries, and the town of Neptune.

Rachel (As Told By Rachel): This is a hard question! I think I love all the different relationship dynamics. There are so many awesome characters in this show and they all react to one another differently. I feel like I know these people in real life and it’s always cool to connect to a show in that way.

Jennifer (Speaking Jenerally): SO MANY THINGS. It’s between the relationships on the show and Veronica herself for me. I love the powerful dynamic at play between Veronica and her father, the platonic friendship she has with her best friend, Wallace, and then, of course, there’s the LoVe snarkfest and the evolution of the relationship between Logan and Veronica. Sa-WOON. As for Veronica herself, I love that she puts up such a tough front, but (as Wallace would say) she can be a marshmallow. As often as we see her kicking ass and taking names or wielding sarcasm like a knife, we, as viewers, are also reminded that she’s been deeply hurt and she’s deeply flawed. Sometimes she proves some adults less than capable, and then we’re slammed with the fact that she isn’t actually an adult yet (in the show anyway. Yet another thing I’m excited to see in this movie!)

Lillian (Books and Cake): Veronica Mars is one of those classic shows that has just the right amount of humour and mystery to keep it going. It’s diverse, with an established case of high school stereotype gone wrong. All this gives you a generally well-loved show with a fandom that never grows old. What I love about this show is that there’s a pattern. Each season has tiny cases for each episode and most of these build into a huge case that was unsolvable. It’s so obvious yet you never see the loopholes and the hints coming at you. The characters have depth and growth, with such complexity that you get hooked.

Liz (Along for the Read): I love the fandom.  Veronica Mars fans are some of the best out there, they kept the love going long after the three short seasons, enough to play a huge role in making the movie happen.  I also really love that everyone who was ever involved with the show seems to be a fan.  I am so impressed that they managed to get just about everyone back to be involved in the movie. I feel like a lot of TV casts grow apart/ end up hating each other, but these guys legitimately seem to be besties in real life.

Lindsay (Broke Book Girls):

What is your favorite moment in the show?

Judith: “Our story was epic.” What are you looking at? I’m not sobbing. (This is just one of many favorite moments though.)

Ellice: THE FIRST KISS. You know the one I’m talking about. YES, THAT ONE. (Refer to episode 1.18, “Weapons of Class Destruction,” if you’d like to re-live the swoon.)


Rachel: Can I pick an episode for this one? I’m going to. My favorite episode is the season finale from season one, “Leave it to Beaver.” This is such a heartwrenching and emotionally charged episode. I thought Kristen Bell did a fantastic job portraying Veronica and her grief. Plus, there are so many OMG moments as info about her friend Lilly’s death is revealed.


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Lillian: Midway season one was the show’s peak moment, at least for me. You could see the relationship between Logan and Veronica growing and one in particular was the motel scene which initiated that ship. Specifically, the poker game debacle (episode 10) in season one stands out and also, one in season two which involved Duncan, the FBI and a brilliant escape plan.

Liz: Definitely that first kiss between Logan and Veronica.  First off, it’s Logan to the rescue, and then boom! They’re kissing and they are full of chemistry, and it is over as soon as it starts.  It was so abrupt and out of nowhere but completely perfect for the pair. You could see in that moment Logan was starting to seriously care about Veronica, and that was also the moment that I went from “Logan, huh? I don’t get it” to “LoVe!!!!!!” in about three seconds flat.  You could say it was life changing.


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Who is your favorite character?

Judith: Both Veronica and Logan. Of course, I love the ship, but I also just LOVE them equally. They have both been through so much crap, but their development throughout the show is amazing. Plus, they are both amazingly snarky and insanely awesome.

Ellice: Gah, well obviously I LoVe Logan and Veronica. Did I mention Logan? ALSO, Veronica’s father, Keith, is just as cute as a button. He likes to make corny jokes (“Who’s your daddy?”), and he’s often one step ahead of Veronica when she thinks she’s being sneaky (remember the exploding ink when she broke into his safe? haha). But above all, Keith loves Veronica unconditionally and worries that his life as a PI/sheriff will be a bad influence on her. We all know that Veronica can hold her own with the bad guys though. :)

Amber: Aside from Veronica, who I could flail over all day, I obviously have to pick Logan. I hated him at first, which everyone thinks is hilarious because I’m now a giant Logan stan. Episode 6 made me sob, and after that he started to win me over bit by bit. Kind of like he did with Veronica. By the end of season three, he grows such much as a person and really matures, and yet you can still recognise him from season one. I love how consistent his character is, and I love him to pieces. Like I said above, he’s my #2.

Rachel: My favorite character, hands down, is Veronica herself. I love that she’s a strong female character who’s smart, but she also has her flaws. I think I related more to her than anyone else.

Jennifer: Piz.

Jk, I would never. (He’s okay, just boring IMHO). It might be predictable, but Veronica, lover of ponies, unicorns, and snark, is my favorite character. She of the pastel to dark colors evolution, she of the inability to take anyone’s crap, she of the somewhat Machiavellian means… She’s such a dimensional character, and I love that about her.

Lillian: Besides Logan and Veronica (who doesn’t love them?!), Cassidy was my favourite and  such a sweetheart, at least till the end of season two. His relationship with Mac was neat and fun. I also loved Dick’s lame jabs which I can’t wait for in the movie!

Liz: Hmm that’s a tie between Duncan and Piz.  Totally kidding, I think I would be permanently exiled from the fandom with that response. I feel boring saying Veronica, since it’s kind of obvious, but really she is.  Talk about a kick ass female lead; she is smart, tough as nails, and pretty much the most beautifully snarky girl out there.  Snark is a positive word when you’re talking about Veronica. She practically owns the word.


What are your expectations for the movie?

Judith: I have so much love for this show and so many incredibly high expectations for this movie that it’s not even funny. I know I should keep my expectations low because who knows if it will be what I want, but DAMMIT I CAN’T. It HAS to be amazing.

Ellice: I have super high expectations for this movie, which scares me because I don’t want the hype monster to strike and cause it to fall flat. I REALLY don’t think it will, since it sounds as if Rob Thomas (the show’s creator) has been working on this script on and off for years in hopes that the movie would actually happen. I hope we get the same strong-willed Veronica, complete with her witty banter that I loved so much, and of course I’m expecting to see more of that LoVe chemistry that we missed in those last few episodes of the television show. <3

Amber: So bloody high that I’m scared to admit it. I expect LoVe to be endgame, I expect lots of tears, and I fully expect to throw myself in front of a car after it ends. Finally, I’m expecting an ending that will a) ruin me, and b) open the gates for way more Veronica Mars stuff in the future. But no CW spin-off, please and thank you. Those guys had their chance and they blew it.

Rachel: That it’s going to be awesome! I’m going in pretty blindly aside from the initial trailer because that’s always what worked best for me with this show. I’m excited for some LoVe action and being reunited with all of our favorite characters.

Jennifer: Snarkfest 2014! I can’t wait to see some of the relationship dynamics fall back into place as Veronica realizes how much and how little has changed.

Oh, and I expect… *sings a la Ashlee Simpson* L-O-L-O-L-O-L-O-V-E. (Is that reference dated? Eh, whatever. It wasn’t dated when the show was still on.)

Lillian: I have high expectations for the film and the trailer proved it’s worth. All those nostalgic moments get two thumbs-up even though I’m trying not to be too hopeful. One thing is for sure- the reunion will be insane!

Liz: I think the most exciting part about the movie being made is that we get to see what happened after the abrupt end to season three.  This is a show that did not deliver any resolution at all, so this is the chance to tie things up.  We get to see what happens to Logan and Veronica, Whether it’s the ending we want or not, at least it is an ending.  I have a feeling things aren’t going to be as pretty with Logan and Veronica as we are all hoping for, but I am sure there will be some of those chemistry filled moments we love them for!


Why should people who haven’t watched the show yet watch it?

Judith: I think this show works so well because it makes you really connected to the characters. When they hurt, you hurt. When they laugh, you laugh. When they jump off a building, you want to throw yourself off of a building. And I think it’s amazing that a show can do that. It’s my favorite show. Ever.

Ellice: The show is amazing! Though it originally aired on the WB, don’t assume that it’s “fluff,” because there is so much more to Veronica Mars than an angsty teenage drama (though it does have some great angst, don’t get me wrong! haha). In each season, there is one underlying mystery (a murder, a rape, a bus crash) that ties the episodes together, but then each individual episode contains its own storyline. The acting is fantastic, and it is so well-written and directed. It’s almost like watching mini-movies instead of a television show. Watch this show. You won’t regret it! ;)

Amber: If you like falling in love with characters on a deep emotional level, to the point that you actually feel like you’re part of their town, then this show is for you. Everyone should watch it for the themes and lessons it includes, and for Veronica who is the bestest, and Logan who is also so bloody amazing that I’m struggling not to keyboard smash right now. I’ll just cry instead because Veronica Mars is one of the best shows ever. Its story is epic.

Rachel: It’s an amazing show. The script is fantastic, as are the characters/actors. Plus, it’s so addicting! I don’t really like to watch tv at all, but I watched all three seasons of this in a matter of weeks!

Jennifer: There is a ‘ship with people who sometimes hate each other.  There are brilliant mysteries, deep friendships, and hilarity galore. There are stolen kisses, social justice, and people getting SERVED by Veronica. The main character is a flawed, dimensional, amazing young woman, and there is an amazing chemistry among this cast that I can’t wait to see that at play once again.

Lillian: Most show lovers either want a Friends movie, to see where they went, or a Firefly movie, to wrap things up. The Veronica Mars fans want both. BUT (and it’s a huge but) there is no need for the get-familiar-with-the-show-first business. You can dive straight into the movie and it’s no big deal; you’ll get it. You can take it as a standalone. Now why you *have* to watch it? This film has guaranteed sarcasm, subtle drama and a high school reunion that’ll make you cry from the hilarity. It’s crazy, it’s the ultimate plot. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen! I can’t begin to describe how amazing this will be. It’s Kristen Bell, who has a stellar talent in acting. This movie is *unmissable* so just trust me on this one and watch it!

Liz: It’s funny, it’s smart, it’s filled with mystery, and major chemistry!!!!

Lindsay: (See previous answer). For more proof:

Let me know your answers to these questions in the comments!

Happy Veronica Mars movie release day, Marshmallows! Are you as excited as we are?!

Judith is a 21 year old book blogger and reviewer, English student, part time magazine editor, compulsive book buyer, aspiring writer, proud book pusher, founder of Paper Riot and co-founder of the Recaptains. She is kind of addicted to Twitter. More?

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  1. Lindsay Self says:

    Thanks for letting me join in Judith-and using my ridiculous photo answers! I love everyone’s responses. Can’t wait to watch the movie tonight!

  2. The commenting system is looking really goofy on my laptop? I see the comments on the right side of the screen on the top, where normally your sidebar is supposed to be :p But anyways.

    HE IS HOT. Wow. I’m not that far in Veronica Mars, but I didn’t know he was hiding such a body under his clothes, haha. I’m still happy I finally started to watch this show, because I agree with all your guys. Chemistry, mystery, good script, etc.

  3. AMAZING POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot wait to see the movie (thanks for getting me hooked on the show Judith) and I’m stalking the Austrian cinema websites for a release date. I really want to experience it at a cinema the first time – would be awesome.


    Particularly Jennifer’s Piz joke. Pahahahaha

  5. Alexa S. says:

    I’ve already said this about this post on The Monday Mix for tomorrow, but I guess this means I should watch the show immediately. I watched the movie with my sister on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it, and just know I’d like more of these characters too!

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