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Paper Riot is a book blog that focuses mostly on young adult books. Created in August 2012 as a creative outlet for all kinds of bookish ramblings, it is now a rapidly growing blog run by three girls who are passionate about anything that has to do with books. Each week, we post 3 to 4 book reviews, interviews, blog tours, discussion posts, or other things we like to talk about. Paper Riot was started by Judith as a way to fangirl more over the books she read. She was joined by Ellice in September 2013 and by Ellis in December 2014. No, they’re not the same person, despite the fact that they’ve started calling Judith “Mom” and are pretending to be twins. Our mission? To spread the love for books and tell the world which books we love most of all. We can be critical, but never be rude. Mostly, we want this blog to be a fun and trusted source you can check out when you need a new book to love. Or decide which to skip.

ifyoufindmeIf You Find Me by Emily Murdoch (in: US Trade Paperback)

openroadsummerOpen Road Summer by Emery Lord (in: The Start of Me and You ARC)


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None of the reviews published at Paper Riot are written by professional reviewers. We love to read and give our perspective on books, but we are not related to the publishing industry, nor do we receive compensation for our reviews. The reviews we write will be published on Paper Riot and Goodreads. Occasionally we receive books for free from publishers or authors in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or our reviews.