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October 8, 2015 2

September in Review

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we did Judith: September was awful and I’m very happy it’s over. Okay, so it wasn’t all bad. But uni started again and I just had so much to do with starting my new class, interlinguistics, which is absolutely amazing: it’s all about the development of planned languages such as Esperanto, but also fictional languages like […]

September 10, 2015 3

August in Review

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Welcome to our super belated August wrap-up because Ellice and I are terrible at getting posts ready and Ellis has been ready for ages, oops, sorry Ellis. Anyway, this is what we did in August, month of sun and freedom and summer vacation, please come back, I miss it already. – Judith we did Ellis: […]

August 4, 2015 1

July in Review

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we did Judith: I went on holiday! For two weeks this month, I was staying in a little house near Bordeaux, France, and I pretty much had the most relaxing time ever. I spent long days on the beach, read a ton of books, and visited some gorgeous cities. And that’s pretty much all I […]

July 1, 2015 8

June in Review

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we did Judith: June was all about finishing up the second year of my Bachelor’s. I had more free time than in May, which is why I managed to read three books, but it was still very busy. I started a new job in May (working as a PA for an independent publisher) which is amazing so […]

June 1, 2015 5

May in Review

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we did Judith: May was a month of hell for me, because I had to do a performance, write a film review, finish two essays, write four more mini essays, do two exams and write one take-home exam. I also had to do an assignment for a new job I might start in June (I’M SO EXCITED) […]